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#1 in full service residential lawn services.

Servicing Taylor , Royal Oak , Livonia , & surrounding cities.

Lawn services, dog waste removal, gutter cleaning, snow removal.







Clean Ups LLC provides reliable professional residential property maintenance.

Lawn services, landscaping, leaf removal, gutter cleaning services, snow removal, dog waste removal, and roof repairs.


We do everything around the house. From lawn mowing, core aeration, raking, weeding, garden beds, hedge trimming, and planting services to mulch & stone delivery and installation services. Weekly, twice a week, Bi-weekly, or once a month lawn maintenance.


Because we are a full service property maintenance provider we attract clients not customers. We allow you to enjoy spending your free time instead of doing yard work or shoveling snow.




We clean gutters! While cleaning your gutters we will also inspect your roof and chimney for any signs of damage recommending needed repairs.

Why have your gutters cleaned by a professional? Cleaning gutters is a very dangerous job, its messy, and usually cold weather when servicing is needed. Gutter Cleaning is also extremely important to extend the life of your roof and prevent major property damage. Clogged gutters can cause ice daming, roof leaks, and dangerous icicles. It is highly recommended to have your gutters cleaned and maintained at least once a year. Roof leak repairs are costly and can cause damage to the inside of your home. Having your gutters maintained and roof inspected will eliminate any possible issues.


How much does gutter cleaning cost? Rates for gutter cleaning range from $40 to $240 depending on variables. The average rate for gutter cleaning services is $80 for home and garage. Variables such as size of house, length of gutters, pitch of roof, how many stories, and accesibility affect cost.




Dog Waste Removal Services are highly recommended to pet owners. Dog waste not only can be tracked into your home by your dogs paws, it will attract rats and other rodents. Dog waste removal is affordable and highly effective at lowering your dogs risks of spreading diseases and attracting unwanted pest. The average cost for once a week pet waste removal (1 dog) is between $40 - $50 per month . Additional charges may apply for multiple dogs.



Take the time to browse our entire website and see what professional property services we have to offer. You can view before and after pictures of our most recent work and read testimonials.

Clean Ups LLC is a proud and active member of Project Evergreen which provides free lawn care and snow removal services to American Vets.We are also members at where you can find detailed lawn and landscape information on their forums.

We are family owned and owner operated. .

We are fully insured and offer excellent customer service.

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